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We love creating hand-crafted hair sticks, hair forks and matching jewelry to show off the beauty of long hair! Our blog features our designs, different ways to put long hair up, as well as how to care for and grow long hair and features on other Etsy craftspeople.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Custom Length Hair Sticks!

New on Etsy - custom length hair sticks! We decided to offer something a little different from the other hair sticks we have - with these, when you buy, we will custom-carve the hair stick to the length that you specify. Now you can have this hair stick in the perfect length for your hair! The stick is jet-black, glossy hardwood, topped with a genuine silver and black 'Desert Sun' bead, jet-black faceted glass beads and a genuine freshwater Keishi pearl in a beautiful dark peacock color. The dangles are made up of more Keishi pearls and faceted jet-black glass beads. We'll be adding more custom-length hair sticks on Etsy soon!