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We love creating hand-crafted hair sticks, hair forks and matching jewelry to show off the beauty of long hair! Our blog features our designs, different ways to put long hair up, as well as how to care for and grow long hair and features on other Etsy craftspeople.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Styles 2 - The Flip

This is a different way to put hair up in fun, casual style. It uses one hair stick only. It takes some practice to get the tension right, and will not work if done too loosely. Done correctly, it should hold all day.

Hold hair back in a ponytail (do not use a hair band). Hold a hair stick vertically on the left of the ponytail.

Rotate the hair stick clockwise so it is horizontal, bringing the hair down behind the hair stick.

Continue rotating until the hair stick is vertical again, but now pointing upwards.

Now rotate the hair stick by bringing the decorated end upwards, until the stick is horizontal again, as if you are going to push it into your head.

Continue bringing the decorated end up until the hair stick is again vertical and pointing downwards.

Push the hair stick down through the hair until it looks balanced and feels comfortable.