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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dangle Chain Hairsticks now at Etsy!

We've just got a new supply order, and can finally work on a lot of new designs. We'll have a lot of new stuff at Etsy, Dawanda and our own website very soon!

First, we have these new chain dangle hairsticks. The decorative chain dangles from the top of the hairstick, and is attached to the other end of the hairstick with a small elastic ring. The chain can dangle under a hairstyle such as a cinnamon bun, or chinese bun (as in the pictures), or be wrapped around the hair.

They're a great addition to a hairtoy selection, whether to dress up for a formal event, look your best for a date or just for fun everyday.

Our first chain dangle hairsticks on Etsy are the Glass Flower Chain Hair Stick and the Turquoise and Jet Chain Dangle Hair Stick.

The Glass Flower Chain Hair Stick features green and blue Czech glass flowers and a beautiful green-blue fire-polished glass bead at the top. The stick is 6 inches long and the chain is approximately 7.25 inches long. The flower beads are beautiful light colors, which make it an ideal spring and summer stick. It would be great with a summer dress for those summer afternoon parties!

The Turquoise and Jet Chain Dangle Hair Stick features reconstituted turquoise beads, jet black faceted glass rondelle and coin beads and silver-plated beads. It would ideally complement a western-inspired outfit or would go well with blue or black outfits.

This stick would really pop on blonde or grey hair!

We'll have more new designs online soon, so check back soon!


Azure Islands Designs said...

Love your hair art...very unique...