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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Styles 4 - Half-Up Bun

This simple hairstyle is a variation of the cinnamon bun, but only half the hair is put up and the rest left down. It may be possible to create this style with hair that is not yet long enough to do a regular cinnamon bun. One or two hairsticks may be used.

First, hold your hair back in a regular half-up. With one hand on the base against your head, twist the hair so it forms a 'rope'. When it is fairly tight, coil the rope to form the bun. I find it easier to do this by twisting it around my finger.

Insert the hairstick into the outer coil, first horizontally 'into' your head, and the rotating so it is pointing the direction in which it will go through the bun. Make sure you 'weave' the hairstick in and out of the scalp and bun hair, so that the half-up bun is held against your head.