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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Featured Etsy Artists 5 - PurrPrints

This week's featured Etsy artist is fellow SquidEtsy team member PurrPrints. Becca at PurrPrints is a wonderfully talented artist, who produces beautiful cat-themed art. PurrPrints is also a member of the Etsy for Animals Team, and donates 5% of all profits to the no-kill animal shelter, the Shamrock Foundation. Here's our interview with Becca:

Tell us a little about your shop?
PurrPrints is a relatively new shop on Etsy that sells my various cat-themed imaginings (and I'm starting to introduce some of my art without cats in it now too). It has prints, cards, ACEOs, magnets and (at this moment) a hand-drawn mini-purse. Soon it will also have pendants and possibly bookmarks--oh, and I often do custom work for people with specific ideas for colors and design combinations.

How did you discover Etsy?
It was mentioned in a blog I was reading--I can't recall which one right now--but I fell in love almost immediately.

What were the first items you bought and sold on Etsy?
I first got involved through Etsy's "alchemy" function, because I had a bunch of gift-giving coming up (my first anniversary, step-dad's b-day, husband's b-day) and I wanted to give some really special custom gifts. I think the very first one was a custom clock for my husband for our anniversary. The first item I sold was the red and brown version of "Kitty Love" [top picture] to an absolutely wonderful woman in Canada.

What are you working on right now?
Bamboo pendants with small hand-cut prints of my cat drawings on them and a custom pointillist cat portrait (I'm too ADD to ever work on just one thing at a time ).

What is your favorite item in your shop?
Ooo. That's a hard one for me. My mind changes based on my mood, really. Right now it would be a toss up between the 8x10 print of Existential Cat
[see right] and the original of Indoor Cat Dreams [bottom picture].

What are your ambitions as an artist/craftsperson?
On the small scale, I want to continue learning new techniques--right now I've got my eye on sewing, especially. on the large scale, just to continue to get my work out there and meet wonderful people. I'd love to be able to support myself through my art if that's possible--if not, then I'd love to get to the stage where I can sell enough to buy all the other wonderful things I find from fellow etsians every day :)

Anything else you'd like to tell us?
I know I've alluded to it already, but I really enjoy meeting new people and doing custom work. I like making something that matters specifically to one person, something that fits the idea in their head and brings it into the "real" world.

My hope is that anyone reading this on your blog who likes my shop will drop me a line, even if they can't buy anything right now, just because I love making connections with people. That's really the big reason I'm into Etsy: the community.

Thanks so much, Becca! To see more of Becca's gorgeous art, check out the PurrPrints shop at Etsy. PurrPrints also has a lens (page) at Squidoo, with more information and pictures.


chom-online said...

I really adore PurrPrints designs. Her aesthetic is so graceful and modern and colorful. Plus, CATS!!

Regina Avalos said...

I am a big cat fan. Great designs.