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Monday, August 4, 2008

DaWanda Front Pages!

Our hairsticks and forks made the front page of DaWanda today! DaWanda is a European-based marketplace for hand-crafted items and art, much like Etsy in the US. We have had a shop at DaWanda for a little over a month, and have a variety of hairsticks and forks listed there. When I went to DaWanda to check on our shop today, I was surprised and pleased to see our Red Flower Custom Length Hair Sticks as one of the featured items on the front page! Yay!

These hair sticks are hand-carved from poplar, and can be made to order in any length. They feature Czech glass red and flower beads, accented with silver-plated beads. They are a great summer hair accessory.

A while later, our Red Oak Curve Hair Fork was featured too. This is hand-carved to any length you choose, from the beautiful hardwood red oak.

Check out our DaWanda shop for more information!


Bobby said...

Hello :)

I've been browsing your gallery and those hand crafted hair sticks are superb.. But do you happen to have hair sticks specifically designed for men? I have long hair and all I do is to pony tail it. But I guess it would be great to use hair sticks too for a change.

Thank you


effiethepixie said...

Congratularions! I love the one with red and black, and of course the one I got:) DeWanda seems a bit intimidating becuase of the language thing...

Art for Hair said...

Thank you Bobby! I have not thought of designing hairsticks especially for men before, but it is a great idea! What kind of thing did you have in mind? I would be happy to create a custom stick(s) especially for you, but will start thinking about a men's line too :)

Effiethepixie, thank you! I know what you mean about the languages, my French and German are ok-ish, but I am still worried that I have unintentionally said something funny/rude/misleading in my item descriptions :P


you are amazing! These are beautiful. I need to take a closer look. These would be great in my hair and congrats on being in the magazine.

fluffnflowers said...

Congrats. They definitely are front page worthy!

Bobby said...

An ethnic design or a reggae design would be cool for men hair sticks :)


Art for Hair said...

Great ideas, Bobby! We'll work on it, or feel free to email us (sales [at] artforhair.com if you'd like a custom stick :)