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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our First Blog Award!

We are delighted to say that the Team SquidEtsy blog has nominated us for the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award! Yay! Thanks so much :)

Part of this award involves nominating seven blogs to receive it next, so here (in alphabetical order) are the next seven winners:

Annie Spandex
Effie the Pixie
Gifts, Etc
Memories Frozen in Time
Moms.....Check nyo
Simply Shiny
Worldwide Travel Blog

These are the rules for these winners...

1. The award may be displayed on a winner’s blog.
2. Add a link to the person who you received the award from.
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs.
4. Then add their links to your blog.
5. Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on to in the comments section of their blog.


capybara said...

Congratulations Lucy! Thanks for the nomination I am really flattered, I will post this in the next couple of days on my blog.

Liza said...

thank you so much! i'm speechless... lol.

i'll try to post it soon :)

Liza said...

by the way, i forgot to say you're welcome and i hope you got a lot of click throughs from my blog :)

Raquel said...

HI Lindsey, thank you for the award. Iw ill definitely post this award.

Annie said...

I'm honored! Thank you so much! <3<3<3 I'll be posting soon.

Anonymous said...


Who Rocks?

Oh yeah, YOU DO!!!!

Congrats Lucy!!

Gifts, Etc. said...

Thank you soo much!! I'm soo excited about my blog award!! I just nominated my seven over in my blog. :-)