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Friday, August 8, 2008

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage (also known as champissage) originated nearly 4000 years ago, as a technique to aid hair growth, improve health and decrease stress. Indian women use oils (often coconut) to nourish their hair, while the gentle massage improves the circulation and therefore helps stimulate hair growth. In Indian culture, the body's three highest chakras (energy centers) are located in the forehead, crown of the head and throat. Massage of these balances the body's energy, as the chakras regulate energy flow through the body. If you are trying to grow long hair, regular head massages can help you achieve consistent growth rates by stimulating circulation. It's also a great relaxation technique, and tired children love it too! Oil is optional, but does help stop hair tangling and also nourishes hair. If your prefer not to use oil, gentle massage should not tangle the hair.

To give a basic Indian head massage, start at your partner's shoulders. Gently squeeze the muscles, starting from the base of the neck and continuing out to the shoulders. Holding their shoulders, make small circles with your thumbs, up and down their neck. Now put your hands on the sides of their head, with your fingertips and the heel of your hands touching their scalp, and your fingers pointing up. Gently massage their head, as if you are working in shampoo. Next, put one hand against your partner's forehead for support, and massage their head with the heel of you other hand. Finally, make small circles with your fingertips on their temples and stroke their head from the forehead back. Make these strokes lighter and lighter to complete the massage, until you are barely touching their head.

If you do not have a partner, these techniques can be adapted for use on yourself. Regular head massage should help you grow long, healthy hair!